Our Story

The day before giving birth to her second daughter, Vicki Barghout was told she had breast cancer. At the time, she was leading an oncology research division at a major pharmaceutical company. She understood the latest treatment protocols, but what she really wanted to know was what else she could do to stay strong during cancer treatments so she would be able to care for her young family. The answer came to her at a retreat led by well-known breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Beth DuPree. 

At the retreat, Vicki learned techniques to manage her new daily stresses, and how to use and prepare food as medicine. Additionally, she learned the power of visualization. To be able to release negative thoughts, she had to replace them with positive thoughts and words. She wrote down “happy, healthy, and strong,” and placed them in a pretty box. Her daily mantra became “Open box, speak positive words, and repeat.”

Ten years later, that worn out box has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis. In collaboration with Jodi Hutchinson, P.A., an integrative medicine practitioner, they have created a subscription box series for women living with cancer. Viver Joy emerged with the intent to help uplift and inspire hope.

Meet Our Team

Vicki Barghout, MSPH 


Vicki has led various pharmaceutical divisions in the health care industry for over 20 years and is an Oncology Health Economics and Outcomes Research expert. She has published over 35 manuscripts in top-tier journals and has presented over 110 abstracts at major international conferences. Her research has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.   

As a result of her personal experience with breast cancer, she founded Viver Health to educate and empower people about the importance of eating healthy and understanding the impact food can have on the body. 

She has lived in multiple countries, including Switzerland, England, Mexico, and Guatemala. Vicki is also a certified nutrition integrative health coach. Today, Vicki is 9 years cancer-free and happily married with 2 beautiful daughters.  

Jodi Hutchinson, P.A.


Jodi is a physician assistant, integrative medicine practitioner, and wellness expert with over 37 years of clinical patient care, teaching, and administrative experience in the healthcare industry. Early in her career, as a cardiac surgery physician assistant, she began combining the state- of- the- art medical /surgical treatments with complementary and holistic services for the patients. Later she designed, implemented, and directed integrative medicine and wellness programs in multi-state healthcare systems to facilitate cultural and lifestyle changes for the patients, employees and their communities.

Jodi has extensively walked the world studying the physical and spiritual aspects of dis-ease in the body and how whole-food nutrition and mind-body medicine can restore internal balance. Formal studies have included Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, and energy medicine. Today, she continues to lecture across the country and maintains a private coaching / consultative practice in Wilmington, DE.

Our Values


We accept and value the differences in humankind. The companies and their products found in Viver Joy are consciously selected, and they must try to support environmental friendliness and fair working conditions. 


We work as a team, lead as a team, and laugh and cry as a team.  


We are committed to merging the best of science with spiritual resources from around the world. 


We as individuals and we as a collective company continue to evolve and emerge into a new way of being.  


We work on projects much bigger than ourselves to inspire hope, kindness and connection. 

Jodi scaling mountains

Family time

Viver Joy team