Discover the Boxes


The Viver Joy subscription series contains 3 boxes. The healing theme, color and content of each box has been inspired by ancient energy centers that correspond to specific regions of the body. Each box builds upon the previous box with the goal of rebalancing the mind and body. 

As you progress through each box, our wish is for you to be surprised, encouraged, and uplifted! The boxes are packed with physician-approved, hand-selected items and vital information to support healing and offer inspiration.


Life Force 

 The first box is the “Life Force” box, which represents: 

Survival, Strength, and Courage 


It’s intended to build a healthier foundation within you. The color red is often associated with courage, lifeforce and a connection to the Earth. Therefore, you can think of this box as an invitation to truly reconnect with the Earth, as well as to embrace all of the elements essential to wellness, such as food, air and water. We’ve included a beautiful S’well bottle along with a packet of Liq­uid IV Hydration Multiplier and a serving of the Sunwarrior Protein Powder to help you do just that. Red Jasper Worry Stone is also included in this box, because it stimulates the awakening "life force" in your energetic body. Rubbing the stone throughout the day provides a sense of relaxation when facing difficult challenges.


New Vision 

The second box is the “New Vision” box, which represents: 

Creativity, Action, and Connection


It’s intended to stimulate your own unique expression. This is an invitation for you to create and connect. You’ll see that it incorporates the color orange, which is often associated with creativity. 

For this reason, we’ve included a mandala art book and brilliant colored pencils. Coloring mandalas and focusing on the repetitive circular patterns may allow you to switch off an overactive mind and begin to relax. The herb growing kit connects you to the growing and nurturing of a small seedling—a reminder to take the time to care for yourself. Wearing the Carnelian stone bracelet will help infuse you with courage and strength. 


Powerful You 

The third box is the “Powerful You” box which represents:  

Breathe, Ignite, and Confidence


It’s intended to ignite your own fiery power! This is the invitation for you to take charge and empower yourself. The color yellow is often associated with personal power.

We have included warm socks with positive and affirming words to remind you how amazing and powerful you are. The Mindfulness Cards will help you cultivate small, positive moments throughout the day. During times of stress, drinking a cup of the orange ginger mint tea and breathing in its fragrance can soothe both the tummy and the overactive senses.