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When words are not enough, and you don’t know what to do...  

Do you know someone feeling isolated during this pandemic, living with cancer or another illness? Are you trying to figure out what to say, how to support them, and how to show them that you care? These boxes were curated by women who do know. Viver Joy's founders have experienced being both the patient and the caregiver. Together, Vicki and Jodi have developed a limited subscription box series to encourage, uplift, and provide hope. READ OUR STORY.

Discover the boxes 

The Viver Joy subscription gift box series is a progression of (3) boxes. Each box builds upon the previous box with the goal of rebalancing the mind and body. The boxes are packed with physician-approved, hand-selected items and information to support healing and offer inspiration. Each box is filled with 8-10 premium quality, ethically sourced, full-sized products, and has a value of $120.

Life Force

The first box in the subscription, is the “Life Force” box, which represents survival, strength, and courage. It builds a healthier foundation within you. SUBSCRIBE or BUY.

New Vision

The second box in the subscription, is the “New Vision” box, which represents creativity, action, and connection. It’s intended to stimulate your own unique expression. SUBSCRIBE.

Powerful You

The third box in the subscription and the last box, is the “Powerful You” box, which represents breathing, ignition, and confidence. It’s intended to ignite your own fiery power! SUBSCRIBE.

How Can You Or A Loved One Experience Viver Joy? 


SUBSCRIBE to the Viver Joy Signature boxes (Life Force, New Vision, and Powerful You) for yourself or give as a gift to someone special in your life. 

BUY the Life Force box on its own as a single box for yourself or as a gift. 

Your first box will ship within 5-7 days of your order. If you subscribed, the subsequent boxes will ship on the first of the month. Expect delivery in 7-10 days. 

SAVE 5% when you pre-pay for a 3 month subscription. Cancel by the 11th of each month to avoid being charged for the next box. 

Each Box comes with FREE shipping. Viver Joy will automatically stop the 3-box subscription after the last box has been mailed.